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French Manicure

How to Achieve the Classic French Manicure

You don't have to be French to achieve the ever classic French Manicure. Beginning in the 20th century French Manicures started appearing in French salons and grew in popularity. Once the French Manicure hit the US female celebrities were amongst the first to sport the new style; by the 1930's beauty salons and spas across the nation made French Manicures available as a service.

Bright white tipped nails with a light pink or neutral color covering the rest of the nail was the same style in the 20th century as it is today. Through the years of economic trouble and the growing popularity of manicures, at-home kits and do-it-yourself instructions made French Manicures available to anyone without the need of a salon or spa.

In most cases a French Manicure is difficult to accomplish at home because the white tips of the nails are difficult to make the same length and thickness. Salons and spas have professional utensils to form the white tip with nail polish or airbrush to achieve the uniform look.

The French Manicure begins with soaking each hand in warm water softening the cuticles and nails for easier maintenance. Once the hands and nails have been soaked and all remaining nail polish has been removed the nails are filed to the chosen length and shaped for the appropriate look. A base coat of polish is painted on the nails before the pale pink or neutral nail polish is applied. When the pale pink or neutral color has been applied the white tips are then shaped and painted. A top clear coat of nail polish is used to finish off the nail and protect the other polish from chipping. During the manicure process salons and spas will nurse the cuticles removing extra, unneeded parts of the cuticle and massage the hands to keep them hydrated.

Department stores, salons and spas, and drug stores all carry French Manicure kits that will have the essential tools and polish to accomplish the perfect French Manicure from home. White, opaque nail polish and light pink or neutral nail polish are the basic necessities when doing a French Manicure. To get more in-depth a stencil for the white tips, cuticle cutters to maintain the cuticles, and clear nail polish for the top coat will give the French Manicure a clean, finished look.

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