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Manicure Quick Fixes Manicure Quick Fixes Article

Manicure Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes for Nail Emergencies

Whether you have your nails done professionally or you take care of them yourself, the time always comes where you have a nail emergency. Fixing your nail on the spot will lessen the damage and get you back to looking good. You should keep a small file or nail clippers in your purse so that you are always prepared for a quick fix.

It has happened to all of us…You just polished your nails, they look perfect, and then you do the wrong thing and smudge one. This is actually very simple to fix and will not require you to redo the entire nail.  Just dip the pad of your finger into polish remover, dab it over the smudge, and try to buff it out. Let the nail dry completely, add another thin coat of polish, and then add the top coat.

Occasionally you may suffer from a break or a crack in the nail and you don't know how to fix it. This easy repair can be done with a tea bag and some nail glue. Clean the nail, removing any polish and shorten the nail so that there will be less pressure on it until it grows out. Gently file over the break to remove the shine. You want to roughen it up to help with the adhesion. Cut a small tea bag into a size that will stretch across the break and will cover the nail bed. This “band-aid” will cover the most vulnerable part of your nail and help it stay strong. Apply glue to your nail and gently place the pre-cut tea bag into place. Repeat this process twice allowing the glue to dry completely between applications. Once you have finished this process, add a top coat, or nail strengthener to seal the deal. | Nail Tech Licenses | Salon Directory | Nail Shop | Articles | Forums | Member Account | Contact Us