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Advertising Your Nail Salon

Internet, Print, Business Cards, Loyalty Programs and More

Opening up a salon or taking over management is not going to magically drive traffic to it. Creating a very expensive, new website also doesn't promise viewers to the site either. If you need to get your name out there and get it fast, there are a lot of advertising techniques that can be utilized and some for a very low cost.

Doing specials and drops in price might spike your customer intake but sometimes you lose money and the customers you were attracting are bargain hunters and are already looking for the next penny to pinch.

These upcoming advertising strategies will help build a loyal patronage that is willing to spend a little bit extra for a better quality salon!

- Business cards: Of course business cards is something everybody thinks of and all business should have; when it comes to business cards that function as a viral campaign you know you have done something right.The connotation of business cards is that they must have a name, number, email, address, and all of that fun stuff…there's no rule that says you can't have a beautiful picture of your salon on one side and the address and phone number on the other. Creating a card that fits in a wallet with your salon name and location with a member rewards program on the back will certainly help bring in the customers.

Be creative…people respond well to something that shows effort and the money you are willing to spend to earn their business. Once the cards are finished there are so many things you can do with them, go to other businesses in your industry, tanning salons, massage parlors…and such and ask if you can leave some business cards there for their clients and you can take some of their business cards to do the same. Also pass your cards out to everyone you meet, it's a great way for your business to travel person to person and if you think they are going to throw it away tell them to give it to someone and mention you and give them a discount.

- Post cards: Some customers are walk-ins you may never see again and some customers provide a steady clientele. For those customers that walk-in and then walk away, get their business back by sending post cards. When a client checks in, ask if they have an email address or mailing address and if they would be interested in receiving a Thank You/Discount/Member Rewards Card from you. You can also give the customer the post card as they exit the salon to keep. Next time they think of getting their nails done they'll think of you.

- Charity functions: Talk to people in the community, look online, or read newspapers to find out what charitable events are going on near where your salon is. Contact the charity or event coordinator and tell them you are interested in donating your services or would like to help sponsor something in their event. Not only are you reaching out to the community, but you can also promote your salon as a salon that cares about the community.

- Member rewards: It has been mentioned previously and you're probably most familiar with this idea relating to coffee or sandwich places but a member rewards program is a really helpful tool for businesses. To build a member database, you can ask for emails when your clients sign in and give them a card that has certain treatments they can get until they reach a free manicure or any service you would like to give away. If your clients are uncomfortable giving away their email address you can always create the punch cards and you'll see customers returning to earn their way to their free service!

- Cost-effective advertising: The internet is really a playground for businesses; there are so many sites and so many potential customers it's hard to find a place where you can't find a fit for advertising. Print advertising is not a cheap way to get your name out there and most times is ignored by the general public.

Advertising online is half the cost and multiple the viewers…if you find a site you're comfortable with or a site where you think your clientele goes to first DO NOT hesitate to call that company and see what their advertising options are. You can easily compare quality, pricing, and clientele so don't be afraid to shop around!

These are just some of the ways you can get your name out there. Nothing is more attractive to clients than a business that can think outside the box and reach them on a different level; they'll be impressed! | Nail Tech Licenses | Salon Directory | Nail Shop | Articles | Forums | Member Account | Contact Us