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Nail Technician Licenses

How to become a nail technician

Each state sets it owns requirements and guidelines for certification and licensing of nail technicians. Some states require a minimal amount of course hours, some have strict guidelines, and some may count apprenticeship hours towards your total number of course hours. On average, most states will require between 300 to 600 hours of schooling. It is important to talk with the State Board that governs your area to find out exactly what is required of you. This way you will know what you are in for and whether or not you are ready for the commitment.

Make sure that the school you are attending is accredited by your state board and will accept your course hours. You may be required to submit an application and fee to receive your state license. There may be age and high school education requirements. Your license is only valid in the state that you received your license from and if you move to a different state you will be subject to their rules and guidelines of certification. In addition, most states require you to receive a minimum number of continuing education hours each year to maintain your license.

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