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Money Saving Manicures

At home manicures

A professional manicure can give any damaged nail or rough skin a beautiful new face. Manicures received from salons and spas often include tools, lotions, and oils that are specifically made to maintain the nails and skin. A professional manicure, while sometimes the best for your hands, is often expensive especially if done on a consistent basis. The key to saving money when receiving the best treatment for your hands is knowing the tricks of the trade and the ability to give yourself the best manicure at home.

Depending on the type of manicures that are offered, the optional enhancements, and even calling ahead you can drive down the cost. Several different types of manicures exist; spa manicure, hot stone manicure, American manicure, and French manicure. Salons and spas can charge any amount they like for each type of manicure; some salons might use special hydration oils and lotions that tend to cost more but are better for the skin. So the first tip when looking for a money saving manicure is to pick a salon or spa that you know or have researched to be the most cost effective.

Like some hairstylists nail salons can use products that may cost extra and are already added to the initial pricing. By calling ahead or asking during your appointment the nail technician or salon will be able to tell you what drives the price so you can decide if there is a treatment or process you are able to skip. For this second tip any hydrating lotion, oil, or other manicure products are available at any beauty supply store and most drug stores. Don't feel bad by skipping a step in the salon; you can easily make up for it at home.

Things bought in bulk often save money rather than the constant trips to purchase things smaller amounts. This can also be true with manicures, an at home manicure can be just as revitalizing and tremendous as a professional manicure. When acquiring the tools and products needed for manicures try to buy in bulk if you will need multiple uses. Sometimes drug stores are cheaper than beauty supply stores and often will supply things in bulk; always check the price and look online at the cost beforehand if you can. Once everything is purchased your at home manicure can begin!

Remember that if you have ever received or plan on receiving a professional manicure there are things you can learn and take home to do yourself, also ask plenty of questions and the nail technician can walk you through why the process they have is effective and what each step does to nourish the hands and nails.

At home manicures save money but they can also be pricey if the tools you need to perform the manicure cost more altogether than a professional manicure. Looking around the house and in the most random places you can find many things to take the place of pricey manicure materials. Rather than purchasing several different colors of nail polish you can mix different colors and get the same effect, maybe even a color that is unusual to any brand. Like to cook? Olive oil is one of the most productive oils for skin and nails, it hydrates and repairs the skin to make it feel smooth and less susceptible to outside elements. Don't want to buy a cuticle cutter? Tweezers often take the job of cuticle cutters, when appropriate pressure and careful alignment is obtained stray cuticles can be removed. By being creative and using your surroundings a beautiful manicure can be executed for almost no cost. | Nail Tech Licenses | Salon Directory | Nail Shop | Articles | Forums | Member Account | Contact Us