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State Requirements For South Carolina

South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology License Requirements

Contact Information:
South Carolina Board of Cosmetology
110 Centerview Dr.
Columbia, South Carolina 29210
Phone: (803) 896-4588
Fax: (803) 896-4484

License Type Required:
Nail Technician

School Hours Required:

Home Salons Legal? Yes if they are licensed as a salon

Mobile Salons Legal? No

Reciprocity/Licensure By Endorsement:
With equal or greater requirements, must pass written and practical examinations.

Examination Languages:

Licensing/Ownership Restrictions:
Managers must be licensed.

CEU Required? Yes
Number Of Hours: 6 hours per renewal period
License Renewal: March 10, annually; can request a two-year

Is Skin Cutting Allowed? n/a

Additional Information:
MMA Info:
To quote a letter written to Diana Bonn 6/99, "..the Board has a policy against the use of MMA Liquid Monomers and pursuant to that policy has instructed all of its inspectors to check for them when inspecting nail technicians. At this time, it is the Board's opinion that legislation is not required and the situation can be handled by its policy."


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