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State Requirements For New Mexico

New Mexico State Board of Cosmetology License Requirements

Contact Information:
New Mexico Barbers and Cosmetologists Board
2550 Cerrillos Rd., PO Box 25101
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Phone: (505) 476-4622
Fax: (505) 476-4665

License Type Required:
Manicurist- Pedicurist

School Hours Required:

Home Salons Legal? Yes

Mobile Salons Legal? Yes

Reciprocity/Licensure By Endorsement:
350 hours verifiable work experience for manicurist-pedicurist license; 600 school hours/600 hours verifiable work experience for manicurist-esthetician license; may receive up to 150 hours of credit for six full months of experience.

Applicants who have not completed a course of study equal to the requirements of this state may receive credit for work experience, for every 6 full months of work the applicant will be credited with 150 hours of training.

Any applicants that HAVE completed a course with requirements equal to this state must furnish a transcript of hours and a copy of a valid license.

Examination Languages:
English and Spanish; state-certified and board-chosen interpreter is allowed at the applicant’s expense.

Licensing/Ownership Restrictions:
In a full-service salon, the owner or manager must be a licensed cosmetologist.

CEU Required? No
Number Of Hours: n/a
License Renewal: Birth month, annually

Is Skin Cutting Allowed? n/a

Additional Information:
All applicants must be at least 17 years of age and have a minimum of 2 years in high school or its equivalent.


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